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  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 17:17:02 -0400

Apparently I wasn't clear. Copying for one's personal use has always been legal. In itself, there's nothing illegal about copying a copyrighted DVD to one's own PC. But perhaps once on a system, it would be easier to copy onto other DVDs and disseminate for non-personal uses what would then be illegal material. Manufacturers no doubt prevent all copying from being done out of fear of broader dissemination.

The reason I'm making this point is that this isn't the first time that erroneous allegations of illegality have been made here. Recently someone accused another pair of listers of asking and answering a question about a procedure the lister said was illegal when, in itself, it wasn't. It's unjust to accuse someone of doing something illegal unless it is. I understand and share your concern about actual copyright infringement. I've been criticized here for being too conscientious about protecting copyright, such as by refusing to distribute a copy of a newspaper article to the list. But we must take care not to cast blame where there isn't any. If we're concerned about possible misuse, as we should be, it would be appropriate to warn that any copying must be limited to personal purposes.
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I just stated as to why Nero will not copy a copy protected DVD. No commercial software will do this because it's illegal under the law to do so. I didn't say he couldn't do it, I just stated that Nero won't do it and why it won't do it. Rick


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I believe your response here is unduly hard. Francis is right that we ought to be able to copy any work we buy for our own purposes, as we photocopy newspaper articles for our own files and CDs onto cassette and even onto our PCs. There can be nothing illegal about copying the content of a DVD onto our own system. However, it may be that manufacturers copy-protect their DVDs against even this personal use out of fear of distribution occurring from that point.

So what Francis wants to do isn't illegal, but that doesn't mean he will be able to do it. I don't know the answer to this second question, but it's the one he's asking.
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From: "Rick Harmon" <rharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Nero doesn't copy copy protected DVD's since this is Illegal.



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hi there, I bought a dvd but nero tells me that I'm unable to copy this dvd, because of copy protection, but surely I ought to be able to copy it onto my computer? visit my website www.

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