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They can only refuse if they canOn Fri, 20 Nov 2009 17:48:04 -0500, Michael 
Arnowitt wrote:

>Hi Jamie,
>The now retired road crews dispatcher here in Vermont was totally 
>blind. His name is Ray Burke and he was quite a character, appearing 
>on the radio every day in the morning as the "Roads Scholar" to tell 
>people which highways around the state were having road construction 
>that day. (Of course, his main job was communicating with the 
>construction crews from a central dispatching office.) He and his 
>wife are also dairy farmers, and he also plays amateur saxophone in a 
>group Ray and the Hit-Kickers. (Hope Jaws read that last bit to you cleanly.)
>However, I doubt Ray kept track of road crews dispatching jobs with a 
>computer. I think I heard he had a fantastic memory, and possibly he 
>used Braille to deal with the rest. A 911 situation would obviously 
>require more technology, but I would think there would be lots of 
>dispatching jobs such as for public transportation systems of various 
>kinds, where Jaws would do just fine.
>If you are in the USA, the Americans with Disabilities Act may come 
>into play to support you if you have a need to use adaptive 
>technology or adjust your working conditions to do a job. I don't 
>know all the ins and outs of it but basically the gist of it as I 
>understand it is that you can ask for small accommodations and they 
>can't turn you down, but when they start getting more major (working 
>from home might fall in that category), they can refuse. The ADA also 
>has a special section that applies to educational institutions such 
>as colleges.
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