Re: Why I am not going to use JAWS

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:13:00 +0100

hello Chirss:
is thatsoftware that you are going to use and that is more stable NVDA?
Many thanks.

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Subject: Why I am not going to use JAWS

> Hello all.
> I will publicly state why I am refusing to use JAWS. It is Freedom 
> Scientific's attitude towards pricing and their license schemes. Some of 
> us can't or won't afford to buy JAWS, especially if the free one is just 
> as good as JAWS. As for the license scheme, the user is punished to 
> license JAWS on up to three machines. With the free and even other 
> commercial screen readers one can install on as many computers as they 
> have so long as one machine is used at a time, no questions asked. With 
> JAWS, once all three authorizations have been used they would then have 
> to request FS for more keys. Eventually and I will say eventually they 
> will refuse flat and get paranoid about people sharing authorization 
> keys. I understand piracy and all that and I certainly don't commit to 
> any of that stuff however at the same time FS is just asking for money 
> and not caring about the customer. True there is a dongle option, but 
> even they can have their fair share of problems. Now for the technical, 
> I do find the free one to be actually more stable and even works with 
> more applications than JAWS. You may find this shocking but this is true 
> according to my personal experience.
> Sorry for the rant but you did suggest I state publicly my reasons. So 
> there you go.
> Take care.
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