RE: TextAloud helpful user guide with jfw7

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You cannot use the Eloquence Reed voice, as JAWS uses a proprietary version
of Eloquence which is not available to other applications for use as a SAPI
synth. You can certainly, however, use the RealSpeak Solo voices or any
other SAPI synths you may have on your system, and you can change the
default voice. To do so, from the main TextAloud window, go to Options >
Voices and File Options; if you TAB around in this dialog, you'll find a
combo box which allows you to specify which SAPI version you want available
(SAPI4, SAPI5, or both), as well as a tree view of available speech engines
(the first level being the name of each of the available speech engines on
your system; open the appropriate engine's "folder" to see the available
voices of that engine, with the available voices/engines available in the
tree view depending on what you've selected in the SAPI combo box described
above). After selecting the appropriate voice, you'll reach pitch, speed,
and volume sliders, and you can adjust parameters as you desire provided
that the selected voice supports them (for instance, the AT&T Natural Voices
do not support pitch adjustment, so no matter how you adjust the pitch
slider, the pitch of the voice will not change). Next, hit the "Set Default"
button, followed by the "OK" button; you'll see a confirmation message
asking you whether you wish to change the default voice, so activate the
"Yes" button, and your voice will successfully be changed. BTW, if you're
listening to an article with the default voice, but you decide that you want
to temporarily hear it read in a different voice without having to change
defaults, you can quickly change the voice for that article in the main
TextAloud window; SHIFT+TAB twice from the article text, and you'll land in
a list of voices from which you can select, at which time TABBING will bring
you to the Article Title edit field and pitch/speed/volume adjustment
sliders before you are taken back to the Article Text field.

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I use text aloud but was wondering how to change the default voice Mary to
using reed I use jaws 8 I have the option of SAPI 4 or 5 and am using the
real speak with my jaws program.  Thanks Leslie

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