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  • From: Arnaud <arnaudb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:42:12 +0100

Le 25/01/2011 20:33, Jim Johnson a écrit :
here is how you can fix this. If you go to the jaws window with insert
j, then go to the utilities menu and open the configuration manager.
after that go to file and chose open and there find the file that you
want to edit. after you have opened the file, press alt s and then go to
advanced options and uncheck sleep mode. do not have the application
running that you put jaws to sleep in. after you make the change chose
ok and alt f4 and say yes to saving the file. I just looked at a file
that I have that puts open book to sleep. Let me know if this helps. You
do not have to reinstall jaws.

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    Is there any way to take an application out of sleep mode without
    reinstalling Jaws? Since Jaws is in sleep mode for the application,
    which I never noticed before, you can not use the JCF files. I have
    often used the sleep mode for games so I wouldn't hear both voices.
    Now I am stuck with Sam in the BG yatzee game and can't do anything
    with Jaws in that application because it is asleep. I will reinstall
    jaws again if necessary. I am using Jaws10. Please remember I can
    not use JCF or insert V because Jaws is asleep. Please help.

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