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  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 15:36:16 -0500

thanks bill
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  Hi, Marsha. I know it may be difficult to open and change the appropriate 
configuration file, if you can't launch the application to find out which 
configuration file is used for the game.

  In this case, here's what to try.

  Press JAWS key plus j to go to the JAWS menu.

  Find the options menu.

  Arrow down to the Manage applications menu.

  Press Enter.

  Find the game in the applications list, and uncheck it.

  Now the configuration file for that game will now be temporarily disabled. If 
you start the game, it won't be in sleep mode.

  Now, go into the options menu again, to the advanced settings menu, and 
uncheck sleep mode.

  After this, close the game.

  Go back into the JAWS menu, back to the options menu, back to the manage 
applications menu, and check the game again.

  It will now work with the configuration file again, and sleep mode will be 

  Thank you.
  Bill White billwhite92701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Subject: Sleep Mode

      Is there any way to take an application out of sleep mode without 
reinstalling Jaws?  Since Jaws is in sleep mode for the application, which I 
never noticed before, you can not use the JCF files.  I have often used the 
sleep mode for games so I wouldn't hear both voices.  Now I am stuck with Sam 
in the BG yatzee game and can't do anything with Jaws in that application 
because it is asleep.  I will reinstall jaws again if necessary.  I am using 
Jaws10.  Please remember I can not use JCF or insert V because Jaws is asleep.  
  Please help.


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