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Omni Page comes bundlesd with low-end scanners? Do you mean drivers for 
cheap scanners?Or do they actually send you a few cheap model flatbed 
scanners? I know of the program, but never heard anything about what comes 
bundles with it. Thanks.
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OpenBook is obviously optimised for JAWs use, personally I prefer
Kurzweil 1000 but the results are close. If you are just looking for
something simple Omnipage is good and comes bundled with a lot of
low-end scanners for a competitively priced package - it isn't  quite as
good as the two packages avbove but is JAWs friendly and readily
available. (The bundled version has some limitations such as the
inability to OCR pdf directly but you can always print and then scan.)


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Hi folks,

I am considering some kind of an OCR package and wondered which one
worked best with JFW 8.latest, Windows XP-Pro and Office XP.



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