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Just had a wee play with this - the price may be right as they say but
the accuracy is not up there with the non-MS solutions. You pays your
money. Looks fairly blind-friendly as a process though.


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Hi Larry,


It's possible you already own one that may fit your needs.  MS Office
2003 comes with "office document imaging" which handles both scanning
and ocr'ing.  It can be found under the office menu choice, under it's
office tools menu choice.  It does a decent job, but has none of the
advanced or specialized features Dean mentioned (except that I think it
can import a pdf for ocr'ing). 


Office 2002 has a more limited version of document imaging, and I don't
think it has the ocr capability.










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        Subject: OCR Software

        Hi folks,


        I am considering some kind of an OCR package and wondered which
one worked best with JFW 8.latest, Windows XP-Pro and Office XP.





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