No virtual cursor on/off toggle in word with Jaws 7?

  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 16:01:15 -0800

I'm going through the Jaws help topics about new features in Jaws 7, and 
planning also to try the Daisy tutorials soon, as well.  But meantime, I was 
just working on a document in Word, the first time I've done that since 
installing version 7, and I noticed one thing that confused me at first and 
which then I looked up in one of the reference sources.  I forget which, 
because my head's spinning as I go from something in the Jaws 7 submenu 
under Programs to the What's New section of the files in Help.  But what I 
think I learned is that Insert V now toggles the new Word navigation 
keystrokes on and off.  So far, so good.

but I'm accustomed to Insert V toggling on and off the Virtual cursor,and I 
used to turn it off and find that I could move through a Word document with 
my ordinary keyboard navigation keys (arrow keys, etc.) much more smoothly, 
and that Jaws would stay focused where I meant to be more dependably, if I 
turned the virtual cursor off.  I never did figure out what this was all 
about, or what was supposed to be good or bad about having this set one way 
or the other.  Maybe someone can tell me.

but my main question is, is the virtual cursor now on permanently in Word? 
Or off?  It's hard to tell, right now.  And if it can still be turned on and 
off, what are the keystrokes?  I looked under keystrokes for Word in one of 
the above two places, and saw no mention of the virtual cursor at all, even 
though of course I learned that Insert V now is for the navigation commands.


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