Re: Keyboard Shortcuts for Underlining in Word.

  • From: "Francis Daniels" <fdaniels@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 08:48:12 -0800

This is from Syracuse University, the Lubin School of Accounting:


In general, underlines function in a fashion similar to parentheses in an algebraic formula, except that the equivalent of the left parenthesis is not used. Underlines are either single or double. Each has its own specific use(s) and meaning(s).

A single underline indicates that the next number in the column is a subtotal of the numbers appearing above that underline (but after any previous underline). A single underline under the subtotal indicates that the subtotal is to be set aside for future use (analogous to pressing the "memory add" key on a calculator then clearing the display). If the subtotal is not underlined, then it will be summed into the next subtotal with any num­bers that follow it.

A double underline indicates that the number above it is the final total of the preceding numbers. This total cannot be used in any further computations. Very often, a singleton (a number that stands all by itself) will have a double underline to indicate that it is indeed a singleton and is not combined with any other numbers in the column.

Note that they make the distinction of single and double underlines in text.


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