Re: JAWS crashing?

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 08:48:52 -0700

it turns out that the reason JAWS was crashing, or at least for me, was a 
conflict with a wireless card program that I had recently installed. once this 
was uninstalled JAWS was back to normal again.

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  Hi all.  Occasionally, my JAWS will appear to totally stop speaking and 
freeze.  I use Eloquence.  I have found however, that if I wait 15 to 20 
seconds, it will start talking again and I can go on from there.  Also, when I 
am in some applications like if I open Excel when I am already on the web 
through Internet Explorer, JAWS will sometimes quit speaking.  What I do in 
that instance if it doesn't come back on in 15 or 20 seconds is first hit 
alt-F4 and it will start talking again.  After that, I kick it out of memmory 
and reload it again then try the spreadsheet again and after the reload, JAWS 
will keep talking.  It's kind of involved but it works for me. 

  Bob S

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