Re: JAWS crashing?

  • From: "Jeanette" <jtorres6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 01:09:53 -0400

That's true. I don't know then.
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  but that would mean that 7.0 should start, doesn't it? and that doesn't start 

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    From: Jeanette 
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    I have that problem too. I think it is a clitch in jfw 7.10.
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      Subject: Re: JAWS crashing?

      I have this problem from time to time. Jaws will just stop and I can't 
start it unless I reboot the computer.
      When I was using Kerio firewall there was no way I could unload and re 
load Jaws.
      No answers but just to show it is not only you.
      on 00:19 5/10/2006, Patricia said:

        I am having a problem with closing and restarting JAWS, or even wanting 
to open a new copy of JAWS. I have a shortcut key implemented for both JAWS 7.0 
and 7.10, but when I do the respective keystrokes neither version speaks while 
JAWS does appear on the screen. sometimes when I restart  JAWS will start as I 
am restarting. I thought this might be a repair issue but I haven't used JFW 7 
in awhile. could this be a computer issue or do you think it is a JAWS issue? 
        I know it's strange so I don't expect much of an answer, but I thought 
I'd ask anyway because it's extremely frustrating, and no one looks forward to 
the alternative of formatting their machines.

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