Re: JAWS and Home Networks

  • From: "R. Westfall" <rawest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 22:14:05 -0400

The belkin router is allot more jaws friendly.

Using Internet explorer to get into it.

Now the cd they provide is another story.

The setup wizard is not accessible at all so I recommend not using it.

I had a linksys router but I had allot of different issues with it.

After a long back and forth with the live chat and email tech support the 
person told me I had a clunker and to get a new one.

It was only about a year and a half old.

It could not keep proper time in my zone and when instructed to shutdown the 
internet it would not come out of it the next morning.  so I had to manually 
reset it.

What a pain

Good luck

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From: Mark Arnold 
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Subject: Re: JAWS and Home Networks

Try routing the JAWS Curser to the PC Curser and do the left click command.  
Hope this helps...

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  From: Chris Toomer 
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  Subject: JAWS and Home Networks

  Hi Folks,

  I am trying to set up a wireless home network in my home and have run into a 
JAWS issue that I hope someone can help me with.

  While setting up an access filter to restrict who can access my network and 
go out on the internet, I tried to click on a button that would allow me to see 
the connected devices and me to allow or disallow the particular device. When I 
try to hit the enter key on the connect button or the space bar, nothing 

  Does anyone know how I can get around the above issue with JAWS and not have 
to rely on sighted assistance? I'm using a Linksys WCG 200. If there is a 
better cable modem/router out there that works better with JAWS, I would like 
to know about it. This modem/router was provider by my cable provider.


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