burning movie dvds

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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 09:22:02 +0800

perhaps this is not a jaws issue, but i need to share something here. mp4 
unlike mp3, there is 2 different type of mp4, mp4 with 
movie and mp4 audio only. in this case, you don't need to use the audio option, 
what you need to select is video option. with video 
option, you can burn the mp4 video file in to a vcd. to what i read your 
previous posting, i guess you are using nero express right? 
i would suggest you to use nero burning rom instead. in a single nero package, 
it contain of 2 different way to burn a cd, 1 is nero 
express and the other 1 is nero burning rom. please contact me off list for 
more assistant.

Warmest Regards,

Allan Wong
3M Technology

** If I said something wrong, please forgive me, as English is not my native, 
I'm sorry.

From: "Liz Wade" <ewade@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Alan:

When I choose audio I get three choices, make mp3 disc, make wma disc or
make nero digital audio disk.  If I am wanting the video also to be shown
when viewing the dvd, which of the three audio formats would you try?  I
confess I do not know anything about nero digital audio.  Yes, the renamed
mpg file played just fine with realplayer on my computer and I received both
audio and video.  Thanks.


Honestly, I do not know about the copy protection thing; this was a movie I
downloaded off WinMx.


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I don't think simply renaming the mp4 file to mpg will work.

I would choose either WMA or nero digital audio  DVD. Yes, it should give
you both video and audio. Just make sure you choose the audio format, not
the data format when burning the DVD.

On question...

If you have this movie file on your computer's hard drive, can you play it
from there? If it can not be played from your hard drive, then there is
something wrong with the file. Do you know if it is copy-protected by
Digital Rights Management (DRM) software? If it is, that could be the



Liz wrote:

Hi Alan and list:

If I burn my movie on to a DVD using the audio instead of data choice as
suggested, which audio choice do I make?  My choices are: make mp3, make wma
or make nero digital audio DVD?  Also will the video still show up when
viewed on the DVD player?  I tried renaming the mp4 file as an mpg file and
at least the title of the movie apparently appeared although no sound with
it.  Should I try this file again or maybe I'll find a different software
for decoding.  Thanks.


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