Re: Does JJaws10 change the windows vista appearance

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Hallo there, I read that Post with interest, can you please explain about Interceptors? I think the issues that caused my desktop to crash was to do with Interceptors it was either the interceptor for Jaws or Lunar, , add to that something called Dcm latter I think is display chainin management. and I thought when I update from xp to windows 7 that will all be a thing of the past, why would the interceptor be to do with stopping piracy the whole business of drivers and intercept has been the bane of my life If it is not asking too much of you could you give a little explanation of how they work please? My Desktop blue screened last week whilst downloading Jaws 11,or attempting to, is I am told a damaged drive latter meaning Hard drive Yours baffled and bewildered Dorothy ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lorne Webber" <Lorne.Webber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi Ann:

  Here's a possibility. I've noticed a time or 2 in vista where windows
media player pops up a similar message when I'm trying to play a DVD, and
I'm pretty sure it's related to vista's draconian (and might I add,
worthless) anti-piracy measures.

I won't get into the background of this, however there's a possibility that
when you removed jaws, the jaws video intercept might not have been
One way to check this, is to go into device manager (ctrl panel, system),
and look under the display adapters. If you see Freedom Scientific Mirror
Display driver in there, then try removing it via ctrl panel \ programs and
settings. (if it's listed in device manager, then it should be in your list
of installed programs under Programs and settings, and vice versa).

Let us know how it goes.

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Subject: Does JJaws10 change the windows vista appearance

Hi folks,

We are having a problem with my nephews two month old Toshiba Satellite
Windows Vista laptop. Since I installed Jaws 10 on it yesterday so I could
borrow it for a time and not have to put up with using narrator, he can no
longer playd DVD movies. The message:

Playback in desktop environment is not supported

always pops up and the DVD won't play. could J10 have done something to the
windows display or appearance scheme that might cause this problem? And, if
so, how can it be fixed? I uninstalled Jaws,  but the error message is still

The drive works fine. He is able to burn CDS, se the DVD contents listed in
Explorer and so forth. I can even play the DVD audio using DVD Audio
Extractor, so I'm almost possitive it isn't a bad DVD rom drive. It isn't a
bad DVD disk either as we have tried various different DVDs, but with the
same results.

Thanks for any advice.


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