Re: [Bulk] Excel 2010 & Print Preview Issues

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Don't have 2010 but note that in 2007 in the print preview pressing 
insert+numpad 3 will read "Preview: Page 1 of x zoom in".

Sorry I don't know about Excel 2010. Have you made sure that the window is 

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  While I used Excel 2003, I was always able to have full access with the JAWS 
cursor to the Print Preview display and could look at the status line on the 
bottom to see which page I was displaying and the total number of pages (eg 2 
of 4).

  Now that I am using Excel 2010, I cannot access any of the print preview 
display or the page numbers.  I was told by a sighted individual that the print 
preview display is in a separate window, usually at the right, but I have not 
been able to navigate there at all.

  Has anyone had better luck accessing the Print Preview display under Excel in 
MicroSoft Office 2010?


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