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  • Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 08:50:24 -0700

Good sleuthing. I'll try to remember this next time one of mine shows up.


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  Thank you, Tom. I'll try this when it next appears. 

  In the meantime, a friend figured out that although she couldn't get JAWS to 
eliminate the bar, a sighted friend detected a checkbox in the upper right 
-hand corner. When checked, the bar disappeared. 

  With that in mind, I brought up the bar via the shift-F10 windows list, 
switched to the JAWS cursor, moved the cursor to the top of the screen and 
located an icon or other symbol that I hadn't found either with the PC or JAWS 
cursor before. I took a risk, pressed insert-PC on it, and the bar disappeared. 
I'll be looking to see if it returns.
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    From: Bissett, Tom 
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    I found this but didn't try it.  
    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Open Regional and Language Options.
    3. Switch to the Languages tab.
    4. Click Details
    5. Switch to the Advanced tab.
    6. Check Turn off advanced text services.

    If you use multiple languages on your machine you may have to live with it 
otherwise you can turn it off.

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    Subject: Annoying Floating Bar

    Does anyone know what this floating bar is, what it does and how it can be 

    It may be interfering with JAWS's performance.

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