• From: Lennie Rinaldi <merlin739@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 16:16:14 -0500

Hi Sean,

With Easy CD-DA extractor, when you insert a CD, it is supposed to gather the artist name, album title and the song titles. I guess that some CD are not listed with the artist, album and track information. Usually this happens if I purchase a CD from a private artist. Another reason is that I can record a LP with GoldWave and burn a CD. Generally, the recording will be on the hard drive anyway. However, if my son record a LP for me on his computer, and burn me a CD, I then have to rip it on my computer.

He usually provide me the artist name, album title and song titles. I have a catalog software for all my CDs and when I manually enter the information there, I copy the CD information to MS word since the catalog program is MS Access and I cannot copy it directly to Easy CD-DA Extractor.

Once I have all the information in MS Word, I copy the artist name and paste it into Easy CD-DA, then that is followed by the album title and each song title. I have to go back and forth (alt-tab) to open up the artist name field (F2) paste it and hit enter and go back to Word to retrieve each title and go back to Easy CD--DA and open up the song title field (F3) and paste them.

As I mentioned, this is time consuming with so many key strokes, I was thinking of a shortcut key to shorten this process with a script.

Below is an example of the script to do this. I don't know if it can be further enhanced to do a better job.

Script PasteSongTitle ()


string cKSF3,

string cKSESC,

string cKSCV

let cKSF3 = "F3"

let cKsESC = "esc"

let cKSCV = "CTRL+V"

TypeKey (cKSF3)

TypeKey (cKSCV)

JAWSHome ()

Pause ()

EnterKey ()

TypeKey (cKSESC)


I hope that you get the idea what I am driving at. Let me know if you need anymore information.



At 01:34 PM 3/6/2008, you wrote:
Hi Lennie:
I hav managed to getthe checked/unchecked status of tracks reading with
out using frames. Can you elaborae on the issue with copying and pasting
track title/artists, I'm not sure wht your getting at.
I also managed to speak the track status as it changes with the

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Hi Sean,

I mainly use the ripping part of Easy CD-DA Extractor and occasionally
use the converter, but I use other program like Roxio to burn a CD.

So, to answer your question, I would like to see a more friendly use of
the ripping part with Jaws. Besides the check and unchecked part of each
song title, (that part is working okay since I labeled the
graphics) I would like to hear the song titles as they are being ripped
since I am having a problem trying to put a frame around the window when
it opens.

Another suggestions is to have a shortcut to insert artist and titles
when Easy CD-DA Extractor does not find any information about the CD.
I do this by having the titles on MS Word and as I copy each title, I
have to alt-tab to the extractor, hit F3, paste the title, hit enter to
accept it and alt-tab back to word to copy the next title. As you can
see, this can be time consuming especially if there are a lot of tracks
on the CD or there are more than one CD.

I have not use the converter lately to offer any suggestions at this

I hope that I have given you some ideas. Let me know if I can be of any
further help.



At 07:39 AM 3/5/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Lenni and other that are interested:
>I am working on some scripts for easy cd da extracte that do not rely
>on graphic labeling. What features would peoplewant in such scripts?
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>Subject: [BULK] [jawsscripts] Re: HANDLING NON-SPEAKING
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>Hi Jeff,
>Well, I went into my program (Easy CD-DA Extractor) and changed the
>verbosity to graphics all. What I discovered, that when a CD is
>inserted into the drive, the associated graphic number is the same and
>all the titles are selected. When I deselect the entire CD, the graphic

>number changed for each title. Then I hit the spacebar to select a
>single title, that graphic number changed back to the way it was
>So, I labeled the graphics "checked" and "Unchecked" and it work great.
>There is another graphic number which is the same for each title, but
>that didn't change whether checked or unchecked. In either case, the
>background and foreground colors did not change.
>Now, I will have to work with framing to see if I can get that to work
>Thanks for your suggestion to label the graphics.
>At 12:17 AM 3/4/2008, you wrote:
> >lenny. there are a number of ways that things can appear checked or
> >unchecked, that I've run across in my young days, and young is the
> >operative word, specially in jaws land, <grin,> so I'm sure others
> >would have increased info on this as well.
> >
> >in fact, I'd be very interested, please, in seasoned scripters,
> >commenting on various methods you have discovered TO WORK, of, say,
> >making normatively accessible in the ways one expects, by jaws saying

> >checked/unchecked as spaceBar is hit, over such items which don't
> >speak
>this way out of the box.
> >As lenny has described here.
> >
> >I can only say what I've noticed, not how I'd solve it through
> >scripting, which I'd be very keen to know myself, how the pros among
> >us
> >would tackle such a thing.
> >
> >I've noticed that sometimes, either the foreGround, or background
> >color
> >of the text of the item itself, may change, to reflect whether an
> >item's checked or not. thus when you know all are unchecked, and then

> >you check one with spaceBar, exploring the foreGround/backGround
> >color of one that is, and one that is not checked, with jaws+top row
> >number 5, may help you to identify a way of detecting this, all be it

> >fairly tediously by examining each one when needed.
> >
> >another thing I've noticed, with anoter cd Ripper called audioGrabber

> >for example, that I own, in it's cd track list box, is that when you
> >turn on Graphics to all, with
> >jaws+v, then g, each item has a graphic next to it, that alters it's
> >jaws+number,
> >when it is checked, to when it is unchecked.  however, in this
> >particular nasty piece of work, where you'd then assume that every
> >checked item's graphic would be one number, and every unchecked
> >item's associated graphic would be another, but that all checked
> >status items would be the same graphic number, and all unchecked
> >would be the same graphic number, making it a simple task of manually

> >labelling  the one,
> >"checked," and the other "unchecked," to gain accessibility, what I
> >found instead was, that every actual item in the list, yes every one
> >of
> >them, had it's own unique graphic number that jaws would assign, to
>it's checked and to it's unchecked status.
> >not only this, but I found that if your pc cursor was actually
> >highlighting an item, such that it's color was white on midnight blue

> >for example, a common windos highlight color, then it's checked and
> >unchecked status graphics, located by the way  at it's far lefthand
> >end, would actulaly alter again! such that if you reeally wanted to
> >be able to read with both pc, and jaws cursors, the correct status of

> >every track, you'd have to sit there and label 4 different graphics,
> >for each track.  two for the checked/unchecked status of each item
> >when
> >it was highlighted, and then two other graphics for checked/unchecked
>status of the trak, when it was not highlighted. Crazy!
> >But, this is what I found.
> >so, after I'd labelled as many of them in the list as I ever got,
> >only realyl needing to label their highlighted status, but being
> >aware that if I reviewed with jaws cursor, I would get no equal
> >feedback unless I labelled, all, those graphics as well, my memory
> >was that they would then become accessible, and would speak their
> >status even, as one toggled the spaceBar on them.
> >
> >Some comments from other scripters on this topic for my own knowledge

> >would be very welcomed.
> >
> >geoff c.
> >
> >
> >
> >From: "Lennie Rinaldi" <merlin739@xxxxxxxxx>
> >To: <jawsscripts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 6:14 AM
> >Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: [BULK] Framing Easy CD-DA Extractor
> >
> >
> > > Sean,
> > >
> > > I am fairly new with the latest version of Easy CD-DA Extractor.
> > > For
> > > now, the only issue that I have with this version is not able to
> > > hear or Jaws say which songs are being ripped. I sometime only
> > > select a partial title to be ripped and I want to be sure that
> > > what selected is being copied.
> > >
> > > Also, I believe that earlier versions of the program, Jaws would
> > > announce whether the titles are checked or unchecked. Version 10
> > > and
> > > 11 does not announce if the titles are checked or not. I usually
> > > do
> > > Ctrl+N to unchecked the entire list and go through the titles
> > > Ctrl+hitting
> > > the spacebar on those that I want. It is tricky if I should happen

> > > to hit the spacebar on the unwanted title and I have no way of
> > > knowing if it is selected or not.
> > >
> > > I am assuming that you are working with Jukka?
> > >
> > > In the meantime, unless I can figure out the framing problem, I
> > > just
> > > have to move the Jaws cursor to the area and try to catch which
> > > titles are being copied. The program does announce the
> > > I am going to look further to Jeff's suggestions and see if I can
> > > figure out the problem and get the frame to work. I like his idea
> > > to
> > > create a new frame and go from there.
> > >
> > > Lennie
> > >
> > > At 06:03 PM 3/2/2008, you wrote:
> > > >Lenny, I use the application, and am just getting my hhead round
> > > >this new version. This certaily coul be made possible, Iam
> > > >currently going through and giving the developer feedback as to
>problem areas.
> > > >Feel free to pass anything on you feel is relevant.
> > > >SEan.
> > > >
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> > > >
> > > >Hi Everyone,
> > > >
> > > >I recently installed the latest version of Easy CD-DA Extractor
> > > >version 11.1. When I used to run version 10.5 to rip a CD, I had
> > > >to
> > > >create a frame to have Jaws to speak the title of each song being
> > > >
> > > >However, The same frame in the old version does not work with
> > > >version 11.1. I tried modifying the frame, but after numerous
> > > >changes, nothing is working like it did in the older version of
>Easy CD-DA Extractor.
> > > >
> > > >Is there anyone out there using the latest version of this
> > > >program and was able to figure out how to get Jaws to speak the
> > > >titles while the titles are being copied? Perhaps, writing a
> > > >script would be a better way? I am a novice at writing scripts,
> > > >but with any help or suggestions from the list, I may be able to
> > > >write one? I know that Jim Grimsby has written some script for
> > > >this program and it is running in Jaws 9 without any problems,
> > > >but his script does not satisfy the speaking of copying titles.
> > > >
> > > >Many thanks for any suggestions and help.
> > > >
> > > >Frustrated Lennie
> > > >
> > > >
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