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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:17:31 +1100

lenny. there are a number of ways that things can appear checked or
unchecked, that I've run across in my young days, and young is the operative
word, specially in jaws land, <grin,>
so I'm sure others would have increased info on this as well.

in fact, I'd be very interested, please, in seasoned scripters, commenting
on various methods you have discovered TO WORK, of, say, making normatively
accessible in the ways one expects, by jaws saying checked/unchecked as
spaceBar is hit, over such items which don't speak this way out of the box.
As lenny has described here.

I can only say what I've noticed, not how I'd solve it through scripting,
which I'd be very keen to know myself, how the pros among us would tackle
such a thing.

I've noticed that sometimes, either the foreGround, or background color of
the text of the item itself, may change, to reflect whether an item's
checked or not. thus when you know all are unchecked, and then you check one
with spaceBar, exploring the foreGround/backGround color of one that is, and
one that is not checked, with jaws+top row number 5, may help you to
identify a way of detecting this, all be it fairly tediously by examining
each one when needed.

another thing I've noticed, with anoter cd Ripper called audioGrabber for
example, that I own,
in it's cd track list box, is that when you turn on Graphics to all, with
jaws+v, then g, each item has a graphic next to it, that alters it's number,
when it is checked, to when it is unchecked.  however, in this particular
nasty piece of work, where you'd then assume that every checked item's
graphic would be one number, and every unchecked item's associated graphic
would be another, but that all checked status items would be the same
graphic number, and all unchecked would be the same graphic number, making
it a simple task of manually labelling  the one, "checked," and the other
"unchecked," to gain accessibility, what I found instead was, that every
actual item in the list, yes every one of them, had it's own unique graphic
number that jaws would assign, to it's checked and to it's unchecked status.
not only this, but I found that if your pc cursor was actually highlighting
an item, such that it's color was white on midnight blue for example, a
common windos highlight color, then it's checked and unchecked status
graphics, located by the way  at it's far lefthand end, would actulaly alter
again! such that if you reeally wanted to be able to read with both pc, and
jaws cursors, the correct status of every track, you'd have to sit there and
label 4 different graphics, for each track.  two for the checked/unchecked
status of each item when it was highlighted, and then two other graphics for
checked/unchecked status of the trak, when it was not highlighted. Crazy!
But, this is what I found.
so, after I'd labelled as many of them in the list as I ever got, only
realyl needing to label their highlighted status, but being aware that if I
reviewed with jaws cursor, I would get no equal feedback unless I labelled,
all, those graphics as well,
my memory was that they would then become accessible, and would speak their
status even, as one toggled the spaceBar on them.

Some comments from other scripters on this topic for my own knowledge would
be very welcomed.

geoff c.

From: "Lennie Rinaldi" <merlin739@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <jawsscripts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 6:14 AM
Subject: [jawsscripts] Re: [BULK] Framing Easy CD-DA Extractor

> Sean,
> I am fairly new with the latest version of Easy CD-DA Extractor. For
> now, the only issue that I have with this version is not able to hear
> or Jaws say which songs are being ripped. I sometime only select a
> partial title to be ripped and I want to be sure that what selected
> is being copied.
> Also, I believe that earlier versions of the program, Jaws would
> announce whether the titles are checked or unchecked. Version 10 and
> 11 does not announce if the titles are checked or not. I usually do
> Ctrl+N to unchecked the entire list and go through the titles hitting
> the spacebar on those that I want. It is tricky if I should happen to
> hit the spacebar on the unwanted title and I have no way of knowing
> if it is selected or not.
> I am assuming that you are working with Jukka?
> In the meantime, unless I can figure out the framing problem, I just
> have to move the Jaws cursor to the area and try to catch which
> titles are being copied. The program does announce the percentages. I
> am going to look further to Jeff's suggestions and see if I can
> figure out the problem and get the frame to work. I like his idea to
> create a new frame and go from there.
> Lennie
> At 06:03 PM 3/2/2008, you wrote:
> >Lenny, I use the application, and am just getting my hhead round this
> >new version. This certaily coul be made possible, Iam currently going
> >through and giving the developer feedback as to problem areas.
> >Feel free to pass anything on you feel is relevant.
> >SEan.
> >
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> >Subject: [BULK] [jawsscripts] Framing Easy CD-DA Extractor
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> >
> >Hi Everyone,
> >
> >I recently installed the latest version of Easy CD-DA Extractor version
> >11.1. When I used to run version 10.5 to rip a CD, I had to create a
> >frame to have Jaws to speak the title of each song being copied.
> >
> >However, The same frame in the old version does not work with version
> >11.1. I tried modifying the frame, but after numerous changes, nothing
> >is working like it did in the older version of Easy CD-DA Extractor.
> >
> >Is there anyone out there using the latest version of this program and
> >was able to figure out how to get Jaws to speak the titles while the
> >titles are being copied? Perhaps, writing a script would be a better
> >way? I am a novice at writing scripts, but with any help or suggestions
> >from the list, I may be able to write one? I know that Jim Grimsby has
> >written some script for this program and it is running in Jaws 9 without
> >any problems, but his script does not satisfy the speaking of copying
> >titles.
> >
> >Many thanks for any suggestions and help.
> >
> >Frustrated Lennie
> >
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