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Someone else has already dealt with one of your questions, so I'll just
deal with giving someone else permission to access your contacts folder.
The following is for Outlook 2003.

1. While in your Contacts folder, make sure the Navigation Pane is on
screen. To do this, press F6 and if JAWS says you're in a tree view,
that's the Navigation Pane. If nothing happens, go to the View menu and
DownArrow to Navigation Pane. JAWS will not give it as checked, press
Enter to toggle the setting and leave the menu. Now press F6 a couple of
times and you should find you toggle between a tree view (the Navigation
Pane) and a list view (the contents of the Contacts folder).

2. Move focus into the Navigation Pane by pressing F6.  Open the context
menu by pressing the Applications key or Shift + F6, and UpArrow to
Sharing, then press Enter.

3. You're now in a multi-page dialogue with focus on the page you need
to work with. You will be in a list of people who can currently see your
Contacts folder; this will probably only have one entry which will be
"Default None". This means that the default permission level is None, in
other words each person you add to this list will by default have no
access to the folder. you need to do two things here; firstly add the
person you want to the list, and second decide the level of access you
want to give them.

4. To add a person to the list, Tab to the Add button and press it. Your
global address list will appear, and you choose the person in the same
way as you do when using the list to send them an email.

5. Once you've added them you should find yourself back on the dialogue.
Sometimes I find I'm on the Add button and I need to Shift + Tab back to
the list, sometimes I find I'm put back in the list. You should find the
new person in the list with the default level of access.

6. Next, Tab to the Permissions level combo and choose the level of
access you want the person to have. This is a quick way of choosing a
level of access; if you want to see what options are available, Tab past
the combo and you'll find a series of check boxes and radio buttons.
Choosing one of the Permissions level entries is a quick way of
selecting some of these options. Reviewer is the lowest level that will
allow someone else to see your Contacts. When you've finished, Ok out of
the dialogue and press F6 to get back to the Contacts folder contents.

I've not played around too much with these options for the Contacts
folder, but I have found that to allow a JAWS user to see all my
Calendar items successfully they need to have a permission level of
non-editing author or above. This isn't ideal as it allows them to
create items inside my Calendar as well, but it appears to be a
limitation of JAWS - neither Sight and Sound nor Freedom Scientific have
been able to tell me of a way around this. You may not have the same
issue with Contacts, but it's something to bear in mind if other
colleagues need to give you access to their folders.

If you have Outlook 2000, the procedure is broadly the same as above
with the following differences:
* the Navigation Pane item on the View menu is called the Folder List. 
* There is no Sharing item in the Context menu. Instead, you have to
choose Properties and then Control + Tab until you reach the Permissions
page of the dialogue.

I don't have any other versions of Outlook so I can't speak about them.

Hope the above makes sense. Have fun,

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Can anyone suggest answers to the following problems?

Firstly, I need to give permission to colleagues to access my contacts
folder in windows XP Pro.  

Secondly, I receive contact information from colleagues using the
control f facility.  Is there a way in which I can add this information
to my contacts folder directly rather than by filling in the various
fields in a new contact?  I am using Office XP Professional and Jaws

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.



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