[jaws-uk] Re: Is there a Short cut key to mute jaws?

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 21:56:52 +0100

Hi Amro, David & Mostafa,

Thanks for the advice.  I shall try your suggestions when the effects of 
tonights red wine has worn off.

Many thanks

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  And if silencing the Progress Bar Updates announcement doesn't sort it out, 
you can try setting Screen Echo to No Text in Config Manager/User Options. I 
had to do this with Real Alternative to fix a similar issue to the problem 
you're having. Setting Screen Echo to No Text will not mute Jaws and cause you 
to lose speech all together, but rather will stop Jaws from reading the screen 
when it changes. I think this is a better option than muting Jaws completely.

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    Subject: [jaws-uk] Is there a Short cut key to mute jaws?

    Hi all,

    Using Jaws9 with Vista home premium.  I have been trying to use "Sound 
recorder", prog  but keep getting Jaws pronouncing percentage figures and 
"Windows has blocked some programmes...",whilst trying to make a short 

    Hence is there a simple key stroke combination so I can mute jaws until I 
have finished the recording? As my attempts to find a swift way to do so has 
been fruitless so far... 



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