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Your mail app is acting up; it sent your mail as an attachment...
Ok - if you place a test client between the firebox (be quiet, Tim) and
the ISA and test using, *exactly* what do you

If you expect to test external to the firebox, you'll have to add the
firebox external IP to the ISA "public names" list.

When a browser attempts to connect to a server, is sends a "host header"
as part of the request.
This header contains the "host" portion of the URL that was entered in
the address bar.
For instance, if the URL is
..then the host header will contain "host.domain.tld" and it's this data
that ISA will use to compare to the "public names" list to determine if
this request should be allowed.
403/12202 is how ISA says "no host header match found; don't go away
mad, just go away."

Ideally, you shouldn't use IP addresses at all, since it's a *very* old
virus connection technique (remember Code Red?).

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OK, OK, letting my frustrations rule the Vulcan mindset. I put the
public name as an IP Address that is associated with the public
interface of the ISA, which in this case is a DMZ IP of 10.*.*.*, and
that does not work. I thought this would work as the external firewall
is doing dynamic NAT from the public IP which will remain secret to
protect my short comings that seem to be readily apparent here. I can
open that website via IP directly from the ISA server itself.
So, as that did not work, I tried giving the Public Name the IP Address
that the external firewall, a Watchguard Firebox X 1000 with Fireware
Pro software (does all sorts of whizzy loadbalancing amongst multiple
ISP's that I am not using yet) and this still does not work.
I very much appreciate your taking the time to help me out here, so ask
away to clarify what the heck I am doing wrong. For the sake of clarity,
I am going to make some IP Addresses up to try an illustrate the
settings I have in place, and I will sub reserved IP's for what I am
actually using (assume a 24 bit mask).
Firebox X 1000 Public IP NATS  HTTP to
ISA 2004 External IP
HTTP Publishing Rule Public Address
To Web Server Address:
The listener is therefore configured to listen on and pass
this to 
Combined with the settings in my earlier posts does this give you an
idea of what I have set, and what might be missing? I am trying to
access the site from a remote site that has no physical connectivity to
my test bed other than on the public net. I have also tried to access
the site directly through the ISA from (for example), and
get the same result, thus the X 1000 is not the issue.
So, should take you to 
I have created a simple rule for the RDP protocol which works in the
above scenario perfectly, and if I did the same with the HTTP protocol I
am sure it would work a treat, but as soon as I invoke the web listener,
I have this issue.
Ultimately, I am having the same issues getting OWA with forms based
authentication on this test bed, so am hoping a simple unsecure, non ssl
http solution will get me where I want to go with the OWA as I need to
get this working for many a reason.
If I were to do anything with this kit, aside from the Coyote thing, it
would be to install it at home as a nice movie storage location, given
the three 72 GB 15000 rpm drives in the thing LOL.

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