IEEE Exec: Re: Date for Mid-Summer Meeting!

  • From: "Sean T. Brady" <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ieee-exec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:56:11 -0400

Hi All,

I'd like to postpone this Thursday's meeting by one week since Evan is the
only one that can make it this week.  Please let me know by noon on Monday,
July 28 if you can be there.


On 07/20/2003 2:19 PM, "Deepanjan De" <> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Unfortunately Thursday, July 24 at 6pm is not good for me.  If
> my plans change I'll let everyone know.  Since our College of
> Engineering budget is at $0 and our University account does not allow
> us to use the money for group dinners, we cannot have anything
> reimbursed until our new account comes in during the fall semester.
> In terms of items for discussion, I have expressed a lot of
> interest in the Philanthropic Committee @ VU and I'd like to see that
> get underway during the Fall Semester.  I volunteered awhile back to
> initiate this committee and I think it's a great idea, so that is
> something that I feel should be established.
> I also was trying to think of ways to get general body
> involved.  I think one way to get people involved is if they feel like
> they are apart of some kind of decision making process.  That way
> people begin to get the feeling that their input matters and it is not
> the executive board serving the IEEE, but it?s the IEEE serving each
> other and reaching out to the entire ECE department.  I realize that
> our executive board meetings are an open forum for any members to
> attend, but maybe we should approach it differently.  Maybe we should
> have a general body meeting that is held only to hear what people want
> to see from the IEEE.  I think too many people get turned off when
> they see "Exec board meeting, other members welcome".  (Not that
> people don't get turned off from general body meetings either).  This
> kind of meeting would need some creative advertising techniques but I
> think it's worth a shot.  Anyway, if I come up with anything else, and
> if Thursday afternoon clears up for me I'll let you all know.  See ya.
> Deep
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> From: "Sean T. Brady" <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Monday, July 14, 2003 7:42 pm
> Subject: IEEE Exec: Date for Mid-Summer Meeting!
>> Hi All,
>> Let's meet at Villanova (room TBD) on Thursday, July 24 at 6pm.
>> Deep, since
>> you're working at 'Nova, can you see what we can do about
>> reimbursement for
>> dinner given that our budget isn't yet effective?
>> Everyone should expect a tentative agenda by next Tuesday.  By
>> close of
>> business on Monday, July 21, please advise per your availability
>> and let me
>> know if you have any topics/ideas you'd like to have discussed
>> (even if you
>> cannot attend). 
>> FYI, these agendas aren't meant to be stuffy or constricting like our
>> meetings last Fall... I just think that they will help to guide our
>> conversations and allow for more people than just me to prepare their
>> thoughts!  :-)
>> Sean

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