[openbeos] Re: x86 boot loader milestone

  • From: "Commander Sozo" <CommdrSozo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 22:29:59 -0500 CDT

> This is too funny. I am working on exactly this same thing! :-)
> What I was thinking was that I would make a ram disk and mount home 
> as the ram 
> disk. And turn off VM. Certain critical things (preferences) would be 
> copied 
> back to the CF. So far, it does boot pretty fast. The next step was/
> is to 
> investigate LinuxBIOS to see if we could boot with that. :-)
> Michael

I gotta admit, when I talked with you about a month or so ago your 
comments on what you were doing did help direct my ideas :)  Here's 
what just came to mind that I was wondering if it was feasible.  It's 
possible and rather easy now to make an image of a drive or a 
filesystem.  Is it possible, however, to create an image of RAM?  Given 
that there is the AGMS RAM filesystem, I think it should be possible.  
If so, would it be possible to boot the system until the instant before 
the UserBootscript is processed, and take an image of the current 
memory contents and store them on the CF card?  That way, when the 
system boots, instead of re-loading things from the boot drive, etc it 
can restore the memory contents and pick up where it left off (process 
UserBootscript, etc).  Of course, there would have to be a check of 
some sort before the RAM image dump happens so that in case something 
changes and needs reprocessing it can be done.  DHCP, device detection, 
and things of that nature will have to be done after the RAM image 
restore.  Anyway, it's just a random idea I had, there may be enough 
things that must be detected and re-configured every boot that makes 
this system have no practical use.  But some things always are loaded 
into memory (kernel parts, app_server parts, tracker parts, etc etc), 
and they may benefit from this.


Commander Sozo

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