[openbeos] Starting with OpenBeOS

  • From: Lorenzo <lcq2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:11:13 +0200

Hi, this is my first post on this mailing list, so I would like to say hello to everyone :).
I'm new to the world of BeOS, I just installed it three days ago (BeOS Personal Edition R5), and I really liked it, it is a great os.
Now I've discovered the OpenBeOS project, and I want to try it, but I'm having problems building the sources. After trying out the PE version of BeOS I looked around for something more useful, and I found BeOS Developer Edition 1.1 which is based on the PE edition, so I installed it, everything worked fine. I downloaded the sources via cvs, and I started to build them, but most of the builds failed, looking at the errors, they were mostly STL related errors, anyway, the build process completed and I got a floppy image, I put it in a floppy, and rebooted, as soon as my system boots, everything crashes and it reboots, so I tried the floppy with bochs, and it boots, but it crashes with an error message from the kernel (after writing "jumping into kernel at 0x8000d400"): "unhandled relocation type 97 rld.so: troubles relocating". So I tried the floppy with vmware and virtual pc, again the same errors, I tried it on my other two PCs (an asus laptop (p4 2,4ghz, without any special or "strange" hardware :)) and an old p2 266), and it freezes right after printing "jumping into kernel at 0x8000d400", so I started searching in the mailing list to find out if someone had the same problems, but I didn't find anything, however, I found a message regarding the Developer Version, and it says that the DV has a broken compiler (gcc -v returns 2.95.3), can anyone confirm this? (maybe the gcc compiler included with DV has some problems with STL?)
Anyway, now I'm downloading BeOS 5 PE Max Edition V3, should I try it and see if everything compiles fine?
What version do you suggest to use to build OpenBeOS (I don't know if I can buy BeOS Professional Edition, it would be HARD to find it in Italy :))?
One last thing, before starting the building process, I downloaded the ld linker required to build OpenBeOS, so I don't think that my problems are related to the linker.
Anyway, long live to BeOS! (and to OpenBeOS of course :))



P.S.: As you may have noticed :) I'm Italian and my English isn't very good (well, I'm trying to improve it :)), so I hope that you can read this email without too many problems :)

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