[openbeos] Re: Sellingthe fish. :)

  • From: "Brent Miszalski" <misza@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 21:50:21 EST (+1000)

I *totally* agree. An active, assertive approach is needed. I recently 
checked the cvs for DUN prefs, and noticed it needed some work (note I 
am also a student learning c++ & the BeAPI). So, I fixed it up a tad 
and sent the results to the author of the app. He has gladly accepted 
the code and we'll work together in the future. I thought I may just 
mention this to inspire others. Even if you submit the *smallest* bit 
of help, that opens the door to more coding. Every little bit helps, 
every passive moment does not ;) Maybe this should be in the FAQ? :)


> > I'm supposed to have been on the Preferences Team, and due to lack 
> > of 
> > spare 
> > time, mainly because of college, my task was assigned to others. I 
> > spent the 
> > last few months learning the BeOS API and wrote a Minesweeper 
> > clone, 
> > and I'm 
> > currently writing a simple painting tool, something similar to 
> > Paint 
> > Brush, 
> > in my free time because I'm doing other things too. I'd be very 
> > happy 
> > if OBOS 
> > makes use of these and any future programs, if they're good enough 
> > :)
> > I've contacted the recruiters several times to join the project 
> > again 
> > with no 
> > replies so far...I'm a CS student & I have good knowledge of C/C++ 
> > and the 
> > BeOS API. I really wish I could do something useful for the 
> > project, 
> > and now 
> > as college is starting in a few days, small tasks that don't 
> > require 
> > a long 
> > continuous time to be done will be the most suitable...
> This is teh problem. Don't expect anyone to assign you do do 
> anything. 
> Check the tem pages and see what was not done yet. Do it and submit 
> it 
> to the team... This is how you get into one. The same stands true for 
> patches to existing code. If you find anything wrong, fix it and 
> submit 
> a patch.
> -Bruno
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