[openbeos] Re: Common file-organisation

  • From: "Matt McMinn" <melfinadev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 01:20:53 -0800

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> >At least some introductory document should be available for every 
> project, even
> > - or esp. - in this nascent stage.
> >I talked with Jeff Biss about it, and suggested to use doxygen 
> throughout the
> > entire source. That would be a dream for every new member, and 
> minimal effort
> > for the author of the code IMO. (of course the OpenBeBook is still 
> needed as a
> > readable API-description)
> >A shining example in this regard is the VM-Preferences-app!
> Yep, but we need some decent output, and doxygen is not too good in 
> that. Ah well, I'll see if I can get something up as an example for 
> discussion, but I think it will be pretty difficult to get this going 
> in a way we all (or most) will agree on.

I think that one thing we could do is just agree on a standard right 
now, some common way of documenting our code, and then during the next 
x weeks work on a parser for that commenting system so we can get 
output how we want it.  If we're thinking essentially of an 
automagically updating OpenBeBook, I don't see a whole lot of problems 
with coming up with a very simple program to get the output we want.  
The important thing would be to come up with a standard way of 
documenting code soon, whatever it is, before we end up 80% completed 
with no common documenting system.

I think that a while back there was some talk on the list about an OBOS 
documentation group, or something like that - checking the Teams page 
on the website doesn't show one, and I don't really think that an 
entire team would be needed to come up with a decent system - I'll 
volunteer to come up with a document describing syntax, etc if that's 
something the group decides we need.


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