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  • From: Andrew Lindesay <apl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 23:33:04 +1200

Hi Richard;

Thank you for looking at the other "marketplace" style sites.

I find the layout of the Mozilla site's "home page" quite attractive aesthetically, but also quite scattered from a workflow perspective – hard to describe. The Ubuntu one is less scattered. This is probably a facet of the Mozilla one being "responsive" which makes allowances for elastic screen-sizing.

Other websites also list the publisher or publishing organisation in the
The concept of a "publisher" was originally in the early design work, but was removed along the way. It could be re-incorporated. At this stage, I am imaging that it would not be of significant value at this stage though.
The screenshot carousel is fine, but I think it should be a bit larger.
@diversys has opened issue #41 suggesting improved screenshot-viewing. Maybe you might like to comment on there?
The description section is fine. Maybe include a sub heading for it like
what is done on other app stores? This could be done for the other sections.
I'm not too sure that I understand this?
The lead section on HDS is much smaller than other app stores, who use a
much larger application icon and provide either a large or medium
The larger application icon is an interesting issue. @diversys raised this as issue #5 earlier – basically it would be nice to just upload the HVIFs and have it render out the various sizes. Ideally HDS would be able to raster those in java or by invoking a command-line tool into various sizes, but I am guessing that achieving that would be a considerable undertaking.
review as being helpful, or maybe how Ubuntu Apps allows you to mark a
review as unhelpful (which shows up as "4 out of 5 people found this
review helpful"). Otherwise we need a way to flag/report a review, all
Somebody on the HDS mailing list suggested this in 2014 and I just raised issue #52 for that functionality as a reminder. Basically up/down voting on a user rating.
Apple interestingly shows not only the overall rating, but also the
rating for the latest version. Something to think about, but again we
wouldn't necessarily need this.
There's quite a bit of coverage of the user-rating derivation in the documentation. The approach of only showing aggregated data for the latest version is fine when there is a large user-base in play, but for HDS it is unlikely to be viable –– for now anyway!
inappropriate, while Firefox puts it ("Report Abuse") at the bottom as a
Also an idea; do you want to lodge a ticket for that.


Andrew Lindesay

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