[openbeos-cdt] Re: Border for resizing (was: Re: Areas of interest for CDT)

  • From: Truls Becken <truls.becken@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 17:10:14 +0100

Michael Weirauch wrote:

> Humdinger wrote:
>> Maybe change it to a simpler OPT combo? Also a good candidate for
>> special mouse button mapping.
> I'd really appreciate a simple OPT+x or ALT+x option.
> I really like the fast Gnome way:
> ALT+LMB move
> ALT+RMB resize (dependant on cursor position which corner/side
> is extended/shrinked)
> I always feel the pain using CTRL+ALT+LMB to move a window...

Yes, please make it use a single modifier key. I think ALT is clearly
the best choice, and also think ALT+tab would be better than CTRL+tab
for the twitcher. ALT is already used for the workspace shortcuts.

As a bonus, this is more similar to Windows (ALT+tab), Mac OS X
(CMD+tab cycles apps, CMD+` cycles windows within app,
CMD+number/arrow switches spaces), and most X11 window managers

With this in place, maybe window borders should be used neither for
moving nor resizing windows, but just act as a separator? For me,
moving windows by their borders only ever happens by accident, but I
use ALT+mouse all of the time in Linux.


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