[openbeos-cdt] Border for resizing (was: Re: Areas of interest for CDT)

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:47:37 +0100

-- Johan Aires Rastén, on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:45:42 +0100 in "Re: Areas 
of interest for CDT":
> True, but even as laymen I think we could be useful. Even a hobbyist
> analysis might be better than none at all.
> For example we might analyse an interaction process (a user doing
> something) and measure the number of mouse clicks, mouse pointer move
> distance, swaps between mouse and keyboard etc. Then we could see if
> any steps could be simplified or removed. If we feel that comparing
> the efficiency of two processes, I guess the difference might be so
> small that it's not worth it.

That kind of thing would really be nice, but I doubt the results would 
be consistent, when not every single experiment is carefully set up and 
controlled. It may turn out to be only practical for very few, well 
defined tasks. And implementing those is a bitch, as Eddy could attest, 
I imagine.

One thing I would just love to know is: Do people really use the window 
borders to move a window?
I have used BeOS/Haiku for years, and still in 99,9% of the time grab 
windows by their big shiny yellow tab. I almost never grab their 
borders, and if I had to, I would now use CTRL+ALT+click&drag.

I would have "border-does-resizing" instead, but don't know if others 
would feel the same. Collecting this kind of data, window-move-by-
border vs. window-move-by-tab, could help with determining if it's all 
a sentimetal BeOS remnant or a useful feature. Of course all testers 
would have to be blinded...

Maybe polls would be a cheap alternative. :)


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