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  • Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 21:19:52 -0000

#1045: USB isochronous streams
Reporter: wkornewald | Owner: siarzhuk
Type: enhancement | Status: assigned
Priority: normal | Milestone: R1
Component: Drivers/USB | Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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Blocked By: | Blocking: 10521, 11256
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Comment (by siarzhuk):

Replying to [comment:17 danboid]:

* Will the Haiku USB audio driver get enabled when we have isochronous
streams working under EHCI or will we have to wait for XHCI to work too
before that happens? The latter would seem silly to me.

As already described somewhere in comments above - the reason not
including usb_audio in the image - the behaviour is just dangerous on
systems with incomplete isochronous transfers support (EHCI, UHCI) -
system locks up or goes to KDLs. But on OHCI controllers it has worked for
me well. So there are no special requirements for XHCI support for
including usb_audio as soon as UHCI and EHCI will be finished.
Is there even such a thing as a USB 3 only audio device?
No idea about current state - but besides of existence of USB Audio 2.0
specifications for many years - most of hardware still produced with USB
Audio 1.0 specs. IMO we have another decade before USB Audio 3.0 specs
will be written and such hardware will be produced. :-) usb_audio was
designed to support both specification 1 and specification 2. But the usb
audio 2 devices support was obviously not tested.

* Does the Haiku USB audio driver support audio input, unlike OSS?
Should it be able to recognise and use all 8 XLR inputs on my 18i20? Both
my Focusrite devices are USB class-compliant and work great under
AFAIR, as soon as those inputs are published by device in standard USB
Audio compliant descriptors they will be available for driver - and,
hopefully, for user too.

* Is there any support for S/PDIF IO in the USB audio driver yet?
AFAIR it depends on support of such input type in Media Kit. At the moment
of active usb_audio development very basic set of input types was
available and supported by Media Kit.

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