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  • From: "R. Shawn Deveau" <shawndeveau@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 19:37:34 -0600

I see that Ricky Wong has joined us here at Freelists, so I thought
I'd bring a discussion we're having at Yahoo to this group.

Ricky wrote:

Hi Shawn,

I found that connect to the mixer does not sound as good as connect
the GT-5 directly to the guitar amplifier. It sure sounds more clear
but it seems to lack the bite the guitar amp produce. what is your
trick? I am connecting the GT-5 stereo output to a Mackie mixer then
to a Crown K-1 amplifier with EV speakers.


To which I replied:

Well, I have a one-man-band setup, so I use a Roland VS-1680 to
record backing tracks, then I play guitar and sing live. The trick is
to program your GT-5 sounds as you play along. On its own, the
guitar, GT-5 and PA sound okay, but when the backing tracks kick in,
if you've done your homework, you can have a killer guitar sound.

So, for those of you that play in a real band, this means tweaking
your sound at rehearsal.

Another trick is to program your GT-5 (regardless of how you have it
connected) at the volume you intend to play it. The dynamics of the
sounds change as the volume changes. What sounds killer in your
'phones sounds like shit on stage and vice versa.

Does anyone have any tricks or thoughts on how to tweak the blue box
to get a killer sound?

R. Shawn Deveau
Barking Penguin Productions

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