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  • From: "Neil Brewer" <nebrewer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "GT5 Freelist" <gt5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 09:08:47 +1000

Hi Guys,
I use my GT5 through a mixer for small duo gigs, generally always at quite
low volumes, and through my amp (PeaveyClassic 50) in a group setting.  They
do sound different!  Personal preference is through an amp, because you can
get the dynamics of both working to your advantage. Lately I've tried it
through a Roalnd Super Cube 40 that I picked up really cheap. I threw away
the terrible 10" speaker and original cabinet and rehoused the amp in a new
cabinet I made that can accommodate an old Oxford 12" speaker I had. In fact
I had two, so I made an extension cab as well so I can run with 2x 12 if I
want.  Amazing sound!  WIth the solid state amp I seen to be able to get
greater sound consistnecy over the volume range, ie sounds don't change so
much as the volume increases, mind you the Roland is nowhere near as loud as
the Peavey. I am seriously considering using the Roland for small  and duo
gigs now, as it still seems easier to get the sounds I really like through
an amp. No matter how I adjust settings when playing through the mixer, it
never quite gets there, expecially if you want any overdrive / distortion
sounds.  Now I don't like huge distorition in my sounds, preferring an
slightly (just breaking up) or mildly overdriven sound for Bluesy stuff,
other wise nice clean  sounds, especially for Jazz.  Through the mixer the
clean is quite good, but a bit lacking in dynamics, and the overdirves never
sounds as authentic. In the past I had put this down to thePeavey being
quite a reasonable tube amp, but its just the same with the Roland.  Perhaps
its that the speakers are instrument speakers, not PA ones - I don't know.
In any case I agree that the best way to get the sounds the way you want
them is to disregard how they sound alone, and tweak them in a playing
context (ie with group / duo / backing), at playing levels, and in an
envroment as close as possible to that which you will play in. Not always
possible, but works the best for me.
Neil Brewer

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