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  • Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 08:59:44 -0400

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the response.  What parameter do you program in order to have
the true guitar sound with a bit
(if you know what I mean)?  Do you adjust the equalizer with more high
frequency boost?  Thanks!


"R. Shawn Deveau" wrote:

> I see that Ricky Wong has joined us here at Freelists, so I thought
> I'd bring a discussion we're having at Yahoo to this group.
> Ricky wrote:
> Hi Shawn,
> I found that connect to the mixer does not sound as good as connect
> the GT-5 directly to the guitar amplifier. It sure sounds more clear
> but it seems to lack the bite the guitar amp produce. what is your
> trick? I am connecting the GT-5 stereo output to a Mackie mixer then
> to a Crown K-1 amplifier with EV speakers.
> Thanks!
> Ricky
> To which I replied:
> Well, I have a one-man-band setup, so I use a Roland VS-1680 to
> record backing tracks, then I play guitar and sing live. The trick is
> to program your GT-5 sounds as you play along. On its own, the
> guitar, GT-5 and PA sound okay, but when the backing tracks kick in,
> if you've done your homework, you can have a killer guitar sound.
> So, for those of you that play in a real band, this means tweaking
> your sound at rehearsal.
> Another trick is to program your GT-5 (regardless of how you have it
> connected) at the volume you intend to play it. The dynamics of the
> sounds change as the volume changes. What sounds killer in your
> 'phones sounds like shit on stage and vice versa.
> Does anyone have any tricks or thoughts on how to tweak the blue box
> to get a killer sound?
> R. Shawn Deveau
> Barking Penguin Productions
> 09/04/2003
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