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I like the web version but the best would have to be GQ coupled with a
compatable administrative software. Although I might change that statement
after I have used the web vrsion a little longer. GQ Web works well for me.
There are some aggravations like the fact it has stil be reloaded many
times during the day because when you stop using it for about 5 minutes you
have to log back on. Until I get DSL or cable, using it a home is a chore.
On a phone line, it takes several minutes (20+) before the download
completes and you can use your gradebook. On the plus side, automatic
saving and working always with the same files eliminates a lot of problems.


Richard Emmel

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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 11:38:51 -0400
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Subject: [GradeQuick] GQ Web

This is a "just to let you know".

My county is test running Gradequick Web.  The results for the first three
weeks have been so-so.  It is easy to fix your school.gbk and access your
grade book from home.


It is still very "buggie".  We have had two instances where our school
individual grade books have been wiped out.  Our course codes are different
on Edline than in our county system which has caused double classes.  Plus
the ease in which we were going to be able to customize our grade book names
was a bit over stated.


Is there anyone else out there using GQ Web yet?



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