[gptalk] Re: "Extra Registry Settings"

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 08:54:09 -0800


If those extra registry settings are truly the result of some custom ADMs
that are no longer available, then it is a bit tough to get just them out of
the registry.pol file that holds those settings.  There are a few ways to go
about this. 1st, create a new custom ADM that exposes those settings for the
purpose of removing them. 2nd, edit the registry.pol file directly using a
Unicode-capable editor and removing them manually (problematic because
unless you remove the right stuff, you can easily corrupt this file).  3rd,
delete the GPO and start over-obviously less than favorable. 


Unless you are really comfortable going into that .pol file, I think your
best bet is #1.





Darren Mar-Elia

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I have inherited an issue with a GPO that has "Extra Registry Settings" .
It is apparent that the template does not exist and I need to remove these
settings.  I have search and cannot find any clear suggestions.  Can anyone





Stephen W. Tappmeyer




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