[gpodder-devel] gPodder like podcatcher I'm working on for Android

  • From: leif at leifandersen.net (Leif Andersen)
  • Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 18:40:27 -0700

gPodder has been (by far) my favorite podcatcher I've ever used, and a
few months back, I bought an Android Phone.  To my dismay, gPodder was
not on android.  (In fact, I could not find any really good podcatchers
on android at the time, and no open source ones at all, although I did
find a few open source rss/atom readers).  So, I decided to start my
own.  I originally gave it the codename NetCatch until I came up with a
better name (currently I'm thinking DroidPodder if this community is
okay with that name anyway).  Because gPodder is written using the GTK
libraries, I could really port it to Android (as there is no port of GTK
for android to my knowledge), so I started writing it from scratch in Java.

Anyway, I've released the first alpha of Netcatch today, and it can be
found at GitHub,
https://github.com/downloads/LeifAndersen/NetCatch/NetCatch.apk, and the
source code can be found at the github project page:

Currently it's licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, but I am willing
to license my portion of the code under the GPL if needed, and I'm
fairly certain I will be able to get the other contributors of the
project to do the same.

So one of the features that NetCatch needs to have is integration to
gpodder.net.  It seems like there is a published API here:
http://wiki.gpodder.org/wiki/Web_Services/API_2, and even a java version
of software to connect with here: https://github.com/nheid/mygpodderlib
 However, it does not state what license it is under.  Is it safe to
assume that it is GPL?  If so, does it matter what version?  (The FSF
seems to claim that v2 is not compatible with Apache, but v3 is, and
although I don't agree with some of the FSFs claims about dynamic
linking, I would like to avoid any legal troubles I may have in the future).

Finally, if you have any other feedback to send me (even if it's just to
tell me that I shouldn't call it DroidPodder or something like that), I
would appreciate hearing about it, as well as any other help you're
willing to give with the project.  Remember though that it still is an
early alpha, and a lot of the features are missing, and the ones that
are there are quite buggy.

Thank You

P.S.  If this is an inappropriate place for me to mention this, I am
sorry.  I looked over the logs in an attempt to ensure that this
wouldn't be considered spam, and I think that you would be interested in
hearing about it.
~Leif Andersen

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