[gpodder-devel] gPodder like podcatcher I'm working on for Android

  • From: koeglstefan at gmail.com (Stefan Kögl)
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 13:45:32 +0200

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:20 PM, Bernd <brot at gmx.info> wrote:

> But there is always another project which works on an Android gPodder
> app. Nico Heid is the author of mygpodderlib (which you mentioned above)
> and he is also the author of GpoRoid
> (https://github.com/nheid/GpodRoid).
> I fear GpoRoid isn't really useful at the moment, but this could change
> in the future - I hope so.
> I really would like to see an Android gPodder application which syncs
> with mygpodder.net. But in the moment there are only two projects and
> none of them are ready at the moment?
> Have you ever contacted Nico Heid and talked with him about his projects
> and his plans?

Of course it might be feasible to combine your efforts into one common
project, but I also don't see a problem with having two competing

On a related note, which might be interesting to both projects: I've
been working on mygpo-feedservice [1] which is a webservice for
parsing podcast feeds and delivering the contents as JSON. This could
offload a bit of the parsing-work from the clients to the service and
hence speed up the applications. Feel free to contact me if you are
interested in using it.

-- Stefan

[1] http://mygpo-feedservice.appspot.com/

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