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> Moving on.
> If anyone has any more issues with requirements in sections 3.1 through
> please bring them up promptly IN THE PROPER THREAD or WITH A PROPER
> This thread is for discussion of section 3.6.
> http://www.gmpi-plugins.org/gmpi/requirements.php#sec_3.6


req 17 : at least one part of the plug-in must run in the Host adresse space
(something like the primary interface... we have to give a name to that,
maybe the CORE should be ok).

req 18 : MUST present a native interface (do you mean a native processing
function !?) this is not clear.

FIXME : the hosting and plug-in architecture must implement a simple
architecture with 3 components :
- the DSP code (natif or not, possibly natif and DSP based : UAD-1, TC, TDM,
VS3 etc... the host is in charge of asking for the required code type
according the target... and according the abilities of the plug-in... last
details, the processing function is required by the host at the end = after
having setting the samplerate and number of audio Pin at least... the the
core will be able to give a a link to the most appropriate code).
- the CORE (the part of the plug-in which is obviously in the host address
- the GUI wich can be in the host address space, (but also on an other
computer , in this case the host will have to take care about communication
... GMPI doesn't provide a communication protococol, it's just present
software interface to communicate between CORE and GUI. This communication
is taken in charge by the host anywy (the CORE talk directly to the DSP and
vice versa... means that DSP part should have memory mapped in the same
address space of the Core or that a communication link have to exist -
without host assistance - between the CORE and DSP : e.g. Serial link)

req 19 : yes... maybe not enough precise, but ok for the moment.

req 20 : yes, but we have to be more precise . Is there some service
mandatory provided by the Host ? can the host may provide extra service :
who ask for that !? the plug-in may ask for extra service for example... and
the host could reply yes or no. Well, what is mandatory and what is
optionnal here !?

req 21 : i'm not very agree with that. I consider that the Host has to be
seen as an over-system, so he has to provide such access...(for example in
order to be able to share this kind of resource... )

Vincent Burel

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