[geocentrism] Re: The Criminal History of the Papacy - Part 2

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  • Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 22:16:40 +1000

Hi Neville

I thought I had thrown the book out (or lost it) but I looked for it (and
found it) after I got your mail. I would like to read it again before
answering your question.

But just as an example, on the bottom of page 259 he had said of Jesus:

"He had probably been born not at Bethlehem in Judaea -- a fiction inserted
to fulfil an Old Testament prophecy -- but at Nazareth (or possible some
other small place) in the northern land of Galilee. This was a country which
produced numerous devout sages....incorrect in the matters of religion".

I assume that he would take the time to read the Bible and that he would
understand the import of such statements and at least offer facts in support
of them.

Anyway, I'll take time to read it again and get back to you.


On 9/1/07, Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  John,
> What was it about the chapter  "The Jews, Jesus and Paul" that made you
> discard the entire book?
> Neville.
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> **
> I have my suspicions regarding this author too...
> "The first one to put forward his case always seems right until another
> comes to examine him". Or when he/she writes of something that you have
> equal or greater knowledge of.
> Did you notice that other books he has written? There was a list at the
> end of the article. It throws into question everything he says in this
> article.
> I took an elective on Ancient History at University -- many years ago --
> and really enjoyed one of the required readings called "Rome". I was amazed
> by the authors "knowledge and insight". Until, that is, I came to the
> chapter titled "The Jews, Jesus and Paul". By the end of it I thought that
> if he could be so wrong about that subject that he had probably made up the
> rest of the book. I could never bring myself to read it again.
> John

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