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Dear Jack,

This was taught by Socrates. The reason for rejection in Newton's day (and before) was the fact that when you release an arrow from a bow, the arrow continues to travel forward, despite the source of the force having been removed from the end of the arrow.

I propose, based upon the experience of the Artemis team, that Newton's F=ma does not hold in space, but Socrates philosophy does.


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Dear Neville,
I had never come across the law which states that a body only moves whilst a force is applied. This is a very interesting law so why would Newton reject it and formulate his own? Up until now how would anyone have been able to check them out?
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Dear Jack,

I thank you for your very encouraging comments. I'm planning to rework the gravity paper to harmonize with the satellite/aether paper. Then, I think, we will really be getting somewhere.

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