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Dear Jack,

I thank you for your very encouraging comments. I'm planning to rework the gravity paper to harmonize with the satellite/aether paper. Then, I think, we will really be getting somewhere.

You ask about NASA. As you know, I view most of the earth as a sham and a scam. In particular, I now understand the banking system for what it is - one giant scam. The obtaining of something for nothing. Something that I always used to think was impossible. I thank Philip, for instance, for helping to open my eyes to this. And I believe a lot of people will very soon see the consequences of this scam (Northern Rock, Barclays, ...), but will still not understand the underlying cause.

So NASA I view as nothing more than a particular manifestation of this Mammon scam. All this "money" floating about is just an illusion in a way, inasmuch as the bubble can be created and burst by certain forces at will, thus controlling all governments with the exception of what are commonly called "dictators." For, if you manage to get a "dictator" who cares more for his people than he does for Mammon, then real positive gains for the people can ensue. Talmudists hate this with a venom.

I therefore dismiss, almost out of hand, any claim by the American government agency, NASA, that relates to other than LEO stuff. I view these claims and virtual reality images as nothing more than moving around this fictitious money. Since having this forum, and listening to the views of those on it, I have come to accept the geostationary satellite also.

As for Japan, I think that they would, because of their dependence on the Mammon system in place, go along with the bending of truth. But China is, I believe, a slightly different kettle of fish, at least at the moment, although I have noticed that the Talmudist banksters are trying to bring China down to the gutter as we speak, just as they did in Wiemar Germany, just as they have done in America, just as they are doing here in Britain.

In this case, it depends how quickly China can "get up there" and start debunking well-accepted myths (as they did with the Great Wall of China lie). If they can achieve this before either World War III, which the Talmudists are doing their best to start, or the degradation of Chinese society, then we are in for quite a few revelations I believe. This explains why NASA are seemingly not too happy bunnies about the Chinese space programme.

Best wishes,


PS Your contribution to GU 4.0 is most helpful and appreciated.

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Dear Neville,
I read your paper on geostatsats and commend you for its rationale and clarity. Although the maths are a bit heavy the reasoning is clear it was the conclusion that put it in a nutshell for me. Since I do support a geostatic earth and believe it to be true, I would like to know how NASA would have dealt with the impossibility of deep space satellites/travel and when they would have found that out? Also how do you think the Chinese and the Japanese are handling it?
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Thank you for the compliment. The direct link to the paper is


or you can reach it via the menus (Science category) or the site map.


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