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Dear Paul,
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  Give me your url for Noah's Ark and I'll check it out when you agree to check 
out my url (which includes Noah's Ark -- from a Christian commentator. 

  Check-out 'John Woodmorope' who wrote a very extensive and reference laden 
feasability study of the ark.

  Why are you avoiding this request -- it must be the third time I've asked and 
you won't even respond to the request?) 
http://www.bringyou.to/apologetics/philos.htm#Science   then scroll down to 
'History of the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth'. A History of 
the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth adapted from the book The 
Biblical Flood: A Case Study of the Church's Response to Extrabiblical Evidence 
(Eerdmans, 1995) by Davis A. Young, an evangelical Christian geologist from 
Calvin College

  Because I'm so sure of my position and as I said previously I'm not going to 
waste my time trolling through endless URL's and pages of stuff that I know is 
wrong. This is a position of faith which I have told you many times. The 
Christian credentials of Mr. Young are no gaurantee to the accuracy of his 
conclusions. There are a great many 'theistic evolutionists' who claim that God 
used evolution. BTW I personally know a Christian geologist who works for a 
creationist organisation and is constantly travelling around giving lectures on 
the subject as well as creation/evolution and would disagree with Mr. Young 

  Here's a philosophical thought for you to be going on with.

  A Christian who does not believe the litteral interpretation of Genesis and 
conveys such to a new Christian runs the risk of being a 'stumbling block' to 
him. If the new Christian thinks it is OK to interpret the Bible as one feels, 
then how will he know what is OK and what isn't? When the time comes for us all 
to give an account of our lives, the worst that can happen to me is that God 
could say,"Nice try Jack, but I'm not quite that clever - 6 days does not give 
me too much time, however thank you for your support, even if it was a bit 
OTT". However the theistic evolutionist could be admonished for not giving God 
credit for creation and causing others to go astray (to hell that is) through 
his liberal Biblical interpretations. 


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