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Jack L
That url is a labarynth. I couldn't find anything that referenced the volume of 
water on the earth's surface 30,000 ft deep.
I did however read "Mutations: The Raw Material for Evolution?" The facts I 
don't have a problem with -- its his conclusions which are the problem.
Give me your url for Noah's Ark and I'll check it out when you agree to check 
out my url (which includes Noah's Ark -- from a Christian commentator. Why are 
you avoiding this request -- it must be the third time I've asked and you won't 
even respond to the request?) 
http://www.bringyou.to/apologetics/philos.htm#Science   then scroll down to 
'History of the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth'. A History of 
the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth adapted from the book The 
Biblical Flood: A Case Study of the Church's Response to Extrabiblical Evidence 
(Eerdmans, 1995) by Davis A. Young, an evangelical Christian geologist from 
Calvin College
Paul D

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Dear Paul,
Check -out  www.icr.org 
It is a well researched subject and whilst you are about it check -out the 
feasibility of Noah's Ark.
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Philip M
Anybody care to go further and calculate the volume of that water on the entire 
globe from sea level to 30,000ft? And where it could get stored afterwards.
1.   It's about 1.12 * 10^9 cu mi increase or about 0.43% increase in volume.
2.   No b..... idea mate!
Paul D

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