[geocentrism] Re: Evolution

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 10:39:21 +0100

Dear Philip,
See all below.

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  I cant agree Jack..  Paul already has his own body to observe, which is far 
more complicated than a crabs, without going to the beach. Biological items 
cannot be compared with inamimate objects such as a bucket or a computer. 

  That's my whole point Philip, even you can't see it! Our own bodies are a 
living testimony to a fantastic complex creation that cannot be compared to a 
bucket, spade, computer or even a crab. So why do you stop at common sense 
reasoning as soon a 'life' (biology) is the subject? You're postion is no 
different than Jacques Monod, whose book was trounced by Wilder-Smith.


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