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  • From: Roger Barnes <rogbarn@xxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:44:43 -0500

I would like to present a suggestion.  

I love the stats page on the SLAGA website.  I think whoever works on it
is a big asset to our group.  Some people don't realize that the
geocaching pages change every now and then and it requires the software
that creates our stat page to be changed to accommodate the changes.  In
short, it is not a glamour job.  All that to say thanks for the page but
I think it could be better and I'd like to make some suggestions.

In general, here is my philosophy:

1. If it appears on the geocaching stats page, it should appear on our
stats page.  It may be part of a column, such as all cache finds are
totaled into the finds columns.  But, in general, everything should show
up there somehow.  The specifics can be discussed and I will offer mine

2. The number of columns should be fairly small.  We now have 4 columns
and I don't think we should have too many more.  Again, the specifics
can be a subject for discussion.

3. The last column should be a total of all the numbers on the
geocaching page.  And, the list should be ranked based on this column. 
I feel pretty strongly about this one, but it certainly should be
discussed before anything is done. 

Now, for specifics, here is my suggestion:

1. Cache Finds (as now)
2. Cache Hides (as now)
3. Benchmark finds (as now)
4. Travel bug & geocoin finds 
5. Travel bug & geocoin hides
6. Total

And rank by the total.

And a comment:
I want everyone to realize that ranking by the total will improve my
standing because of my high number of benchmark finds.  So, yes it
improves my ranking but I think it helps everyone.  If you think about
finding caches, I think everyone will agree that there can be a wide
range of finds, from the very easy, multiple in a day ones to Myotis'
100 that takes at least two days by itself.  So the total is a poor
measure of anything.  A total column probably means a little bit less,
but it also gives visibility to all of the facets of geocaching as
provided on the geocaching stats page.  As a growing group in which
various members may have interest in some parts and not other parts, it
helps pull everyone together.

Please continue the discussion.

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