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Funny how welcome and wonderful we all were when we did the Cache In
Trash Out on "Earth" day in St. Peters City Hall Park, yet now we are
cacheona non gratia.

I've put Junior Fries on temporary archive (along with the phone numbers
and e-mail addresses of the two ward aldermen for the area, the first
one is the parkmeister and the second one is a lawyer type).  As soon as
I think it's wise to break the news to Linda, we'll go collect it and
see about putting it somewhere else.

How sad.  We've found a ton of St. Peters parks as a result of
Geocaching, got resident cards to use the Rex Plex (direct result of
finding The Mexican) and even reported child abuse cases observed during
geocache outings.  Local school classes have done science classes on

I'm thinking about calling said aldermen and asking if I need an
insurance policy for our next trip to the playground, or a million
liability coverage for a picnic.


Merkin4, disgusted

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Maybe it wasn't my place to suggest that non-residents stay away from
getting involved. And I should make it clear that it's just my opinion
that StP has this "circle the wagons" mentality.  I have lived here for
18 years and it sure looks that way to me.  On the other hand, ANYONE
who's willing to go to bat for geocaching should be applauded.


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