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Yes ..  welcome to the (Unofficial) St. Louis Area Geocaching list. For our 
website see www.geostl.com   If you have geocaching questions, jump in and 
ask them. If you need to know where to eat lunch on a Friday in St. Louis --  
don't bother to ask as someone will take care of it for you ;+).

You'll have to bear with us.  We can be a chatty lot and sometimes a bit off 
topic -- ironically, this in itself can often be a source of much discussion 
(feel free to check the very recent  archives).  But, again, if you have a 
geoquestion or are looking for info on a great source of info on everything 
from GSAK, paperless caching, PDAs, how to make maps, creating and running 
macros, hiking boots,   and most recently -- the proper way to install an 
ice maker line for your refrigerator -- then you've come to the right place.


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> Eaglecacher,
> Welcome to our SL list to you down there in western TN. My caching buddy 
> and
> I plan to be at GeoWoodstock VII in Bell Buckle (GC1CG5G). Will you be
> there? Any inside information on the event?
> GmaLibby
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> I had to go to freelist to unsubscribe to a list that I didn't have a
> current interest in and notice the geocaching list.  I have been into
> geocaching since about June of this year and am really enjoying it.  It
> has rekindled a desire to do more hiking and even backpacking.  Looking
> to combine them all in some way.  Anyway, I am Eaglecacher55 in West TN.
> (use the geocaching.com website)  Just hear checking out the list to see
> what other information is around.    Equip:  Garmin 60CSx w/Geobuddy,
> Palm m125 w/CacheMate
> Mogeo forums -->http://mogeo.ipbhost.com/index.php
> "NGR LIST" -->  //www.freelists.org/list/mga 


 For List Info or To make _ANY_ changes, including unsubscribing from this
 list, click -----> //www.freelists.org/list/geocaching 
 Missouri Caches Scheduled to be Archived  http://tinyurl.com/87cqw
 Missouri land use policies --> www.MoCache.net
 Mogeo forums -->http://mogeo.ipbhost.com/index.php
 "NGR LIST" -->  //www.freelists.org/list/mga

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