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  • From: "JENNIFER GUYER" <nyisutter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:23:56 -0400

Bookcrossing uses Meetup heavily and I am not at all interested in using them. We don't need Meet up to organize us, and I know we can do a MUCH better job! Our St. Louis bookcrossing group started having meetings before BookCrossing started using Meetup and while several of the members started going to both so that they could let the Meet up participants know about our group, they quickly got disgusted with how impersonal and frustrating Meetups are. The are organized by people who have no clue about the locales they give you to vote on. The Meetup site has no idea of the venue still exsists, is open at 7:00, has enough room to accomodate the meeting or anything. And the venue has no idea that they have been chosen for a Meetup.

Now, they have their place. Like I said, internationally they are used by Bookcrossers to organize them in places where they have no local organization to do it themselves. But, you also find lots of notes in the forums arranging their own meetings when Meetups failed them. So when there is an organization in place already, like SLAGA, Meetup is really more of an aggravation than a help.

Just my .02

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