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  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 07:32:49 -0500

One minor reason it is truly not the about the numbers for me: NUMBERS HURT MY HEAD


On May 16, 2007, at 6:59 PM, Mike Lusicic wrote:

- A ratio is not the same as a percentage, although I have not looked into the specifics of this case, and what they are calling a ratio. A ratio is either represented by a single number that you get by dividing one number (A) by another (B). The number represents the ratio of A to B. One example of where I use that is in one of the calculations I use to help determine of someone is committing fraud by using their checking account to create "loans" by taking advantage of using money they deposit into their account before it is actually collected from the bank where the deposited check is drawn. I look at the debit to credit ratio, which is the number of withdrawals (checks) divided by the number of deposits. If I were using a percentage, I would add the number of deposits and the number of withdrawals then I would divide either the deposits or the withdrawals by that number to get a percentage. But what I really want to know is how many checks are written for each deposit made, and that has nothing to do with the total of both. The percentage could be used, but it is more indirect and conceptually more difficult to understand. So it really depends on what you are looking at and why that determines whether you want to see a ratio or a percentage.

tnsl wrote:
I can't believe this has had several replies and no one has gone into a long explanation concerning the math.

Is a DNF:Find ratio the same as a percent? And what does that percent represent? For every one you DO find there are X amount you don't -- but aren't they all still hunts? Shouldn't you add the DNF + Find and divide that by the DNF? Or divide the DNF by the Total (DNF+Find)

Then again maybe this is why no one in this family has a hanlering for those puzzle caches either (unless the answer can be googled lol)

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